Just like a thundering quake and a wild whirling,swirling wind, I feel the enormity and magnanimity of your sweetness; your most gracious and  kindest charity, wheeling me through the visicitudes of life’s journey. Daily with unflinching resolve, I eat of the sweetness of your most tender mercy, your most benevolent bliss;  I find reasons to steer right and narrow, on this path, a city of wildlings rendering  unbearable brutality, iniquity and infirmity, plaguing creation like a viral influenza, sparing none but them  with the seal of your enduring promise.

Appreciation Sourced from this sweet wells of gratitude, drawn from the depths of true brokenness, I find the bliss of committing my frail being to you; knowing i but for you, deserved no better meal than the portion of savages held hostage by fiendish desires to defile constantly your temple. Therefore I shan’t dare to know the place where vile beings go but dwell in the safety and beauty of your everlasting love which does copiously suffice my soul!



Truly moved to warm tears and overwhelming compassion; when a soldier reaches for the next man, not to spill blood but to spare In the face of overwheleming fear, broken hopes and flimsy bliss

It reminds me of nothing more than feautures of  immortality.I find this akin to the values of purpose birth by a paranormal conviction to just love beyond reason.Regarding the next human as worthy of as much life as there is to give.

Now this practice is not utopian, it’s already been exemplified just as when a good wise king died to save strangers and servants centuries a ago…when also a young soldier stung by the stories of this king, gave himself up for the safety of his compatriots  

I want to  live better, give better walk better, think better and ultimately love better.For purpose and vision, for values of faith and hope beyond the triffles or trophies of vainty; a function of hypocrisy and distasteful melodies!


inspired by the life of Sire Desmond Doss

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I believe in miracles, I believe in hope 

I believe in faith,  I believe in truth 

I believe  God exists, I believe He has angels; watching over us 

I believe in the supernatural; the divine and paranormal

Because just yesterday I saw Angels right across the crossing beckoning on me to steer right and stay narrow 

I believe hope is not lost in your situation…

what do you believe ? 


Beautiful  green! Your Stringy voice speaks to me in countless ways. When I strike you, I strum you, I caress you and you moan in such divine tones! I am ignited; dreadfully nigh a conflagration; uncontrollably  pouring sweet words over your melodies

Beautiful piece you are Portia! I hope you help me touch you in right proportions…I want to be one with you all the way, no discord, just us alone, under them lights against the world 

As they cheer and chant in sweet resonance, but we in consequent  synchrony, exude only perfect harmonies in wild jazzy Rocky melodies of flawless raphsodies until we breeches piercing pitches like heavenly choral feats. Hey Portia, I love you!

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On this far side…

On this far side called the other side, we drained the hour glass of patience… We gave heed to darkness and cared less about the fading skies…

On this far side where lovers lay in the arms of each other, we serenaded the air with romantic blues and poetry at twilight…you became my everything; treated me like king and you were queen…

On this far side where angels wait on mortals, we held our ground to fight for love in the face of hate and hurt… We gave room for charity to pervade the air. An ambience of undiluted affectation…

On this far side called beautiful, where everything we crave happened because we strayed into lala land as fed babies at noon Time…it is now safe to remember that day dreams can keep us alive through rekindled hopes…

We stay, you stay, on this other side …for that is where we ought to be, burning like wildfires, blazing hot like  furnace coals, we stay and you stay within the reveries of sweet lovers fantasies.
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Hairs on my sheet

Every past passes to become sweet or bitter nothingness  

No one has kept pain to watch any further, how yesterday crawled or ran away save for the watcher 

Memories supposedly fade into the depths of timely oblivion

Only there is a remembrance of benevolence beyond malevolence; prints are left indelible on the souls and lives that our hands of love come across 

But truly we are blinded to the pieces of us that history leaves behind, delible or indelible, pieces of us remain 

I found hairs on my sheet, a piece of one history left behind for curiosity in posterity defiantly 

 The Pieces we leave behind make for the history as we dust off these feet racing inevitably to closed graves and open heavens