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Crawling stealthily in tortuous circles behind that enemy line; Mines across hidden paces, carefully disguised for nasty and hasty feet for wanton desires.

Yes; longing wrongly, thirsty in feisty craze as of David’s desire for philistine waters…

But largely and unfairly, blood is spilt to give me vain pleasures for momentary bliss, a jeopardy of love and given promises… only this nagging insatiable crave is more than vampiric… it spans within carnivorous  lust for amorous patronage.

Your body on my body becomes a unity of one course and purpose on these blood stained sheets of soldier passion, a battle for hearts and jolly souls… won in heated passion for scarlet visions like of dreams dreamt in the twighlight of vernice!

Endless banter with soft  and hard words ,building patriotic emotions, vile notions in process, literally crossing enemy territories, a defiance of life’s sanity and pristine sanctity 
Temitope diaries  


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Realising that life’s meaning began to fade and dwindle with the invasive and pervasive drift of vile unorthodox ideologies ravaging the thoughts and value benchmark of formerly cupid souls…

It became a story of diminishing returns for the resulting degenerates altogether. It has not been a bed of roses in as much as these roses came with thorns, piercing and choking faith; then a fate not decided by efforts but hope and faith altogether…

Life seems like a blanket of dark choices; where good is abnormal and evil acceptable! An open heart and seeing eye will keep the glitter of strange lights and true companionship accross thse long mile.


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I found a way to love
I found a way to cherish
I found a way to live
I found you
Just outside the halls of hate
Right across the vineyards of jealousy
Beyond insatiable vulnerabilities of obsession
In defiance of vile proclivities for possessions
I found a way to love
I found a way to cherish
I found a way to live
I found you
Dedicated to pink
By elderjohn 


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Scars within ;none without…
Broken dreams from broken hearts
Wounded souls from shattered hopes
Now lost to limbo; a battle for black and white passion
It’s been hell on earth, tattooed and tabooed by visible skins of human cocoons
Eyes bleeding all the way
No bliss just hisses at losses, relentlessly countless and boundless…
Scars within;none without
Pained within, ingrained like vent paths of molten magma
Deepest hurts as of darkest days
Hanging over souls like death aprons
But even Scars within won’t last forever
Make a pledge to live again

Thirty3 and free

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Within, In a transfixed stare at the flames in this  fire place; Maybe  probing  the ashes from lost wood, no cold just hot enough…

As though Bending the rules of engagement, I find my minds desire race for the pages of recent history, it’s been just a few months from October 5, 2016! 

And now two days away from the mark, no finishing, no completion… I  am groping in a certain kinda dark as I take a morning walk along the threshing, yes it’s no gnashing but I feel a bashing as though time had been again unfriendly to have so swiftly come…

Surely in introspection I find some satisfaction that I was done with cleaning the sheets or making sour pap for papa…

However I feel so cold and unguided, so alone in this quagmire of cyclic inhibitions… I’ld make to open my heart and mouth to say a word of gratitude or thanksgiving but in uncontrolled outburst I did feel a rush of warm tears flush my hairy face…

Again if you are reading my scribbles, this is the much sense I could give to my feeling, perhaps a mixture of hot and cold shivers, same feeling after a sweet moment of grave and deprave pleasure

Nonetheless I am 33 paces away from 120, I found freedom just about the 9th pace and now to think all you left me was this… I altogether miss you even more because you have given all… All to make the race and keep the bond!

The thing is,within I find picture memories of you trying to disintegrate but everytime I flip through the marked pages of the holy scrolls you left me… I easily see a new picture… You left me clues in specific hues for every puzzle and hurdle…

I could not be more grateful! Now I am 33paces in on the green mile, I feel free, amidst this pain of loneliness,but still hopeful I do better than 72paces 

The Truth is, you have given me all and I am grateful you did, except that I would give the world for a chance to sit a while with you and hold your Creasy palm, to learn how to maybe, manage the rules of freedom better than I have 

I promise I would keep the vows and hold the nations you birth, together until each learns to be truly free!

You know who…

ms Alex (part1)

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  • A cocktail got us gathered here
  • As boredom crept in on me 
  • You walked in like an angel with a Gospel
  • You swept me off my cold feet
  • You fed my desires with hope
  • Years walked by, now I reckon they flew past 
  • Like bedtime stories or lullabies 
  • Until a time came by that fate rang her bell again
  • Now in a mix of frail bliss and transient passion 
  • Choices giving way to sincere affections 
  • It’s no easy decision to act or be passive 
  • It’s a weird bind, like the taste of a soured salmon
  • Yet with a sweet sting as of honey in limejuce 
  • This story may not have an ending after all…
  • Simply because having sad or happy endings should not be gambled
  • Maybe we keep flipping the pages of our lives 
  • Forever, no loss no gain!

Elderjohn (in memory of a 🐸 prince and sad little princess)

Riding through…

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A maze of thorny white roses 

Hurting and burning sweet sensations

Blood dripping off my white pony

This Rider and lover  grind and bind 

Like sons and daughters in covenant 

But like a rifinery, a furnace, a coal hearth for lovers 

Passion failed while we bemoaned her esctasy’s exit 

Deep Reasoning may have lost his wits to vision…

Alas!  Our Sweet and sour are not so perfect for harmony after all!


Photo credit- Gionee images

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