What would you do when you cry in a river?

Where your tears are drowned in the waters that wet your face

Or how do you feel the cold in your broken heart on a snowy day?

When it’s been 3months of winter in the north pole of your heart

You stretch across the wild and weird become your state

In your mind, like a plain canvas, all colors and pictures are possible

You stand within and fall without until you fly without

Unbreakable, unrelenting a pull within unto an understanding, unabashed!

Staring into the blue spots of the clouds above you

You speak of hope and dream of change

You simply ignore the odds that hold you bound

By little decisions to steer on, in a transient world of pain

Life is of one source, find the source and cling forever to it!

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vase (broken and fixed)

This morning…
A glow from a beam of day’s dawn
A resplendence of no coincidence
Rainbow’s ray, incident on my mind, body and soul
Turned on like a switch into reality, I felt a switch unto realms
Spiritual healing! A friend calls it…
Dimensions of inception, a reflection of Eden!
Finally gold, mended after a bruised and broken history
Beautified and fixed, like clay pieces of a shattered vase
Like meadows with sunshine beauty, on the prettiest of flower fields
It’s like spirits shared by dating doves
Snuggles and cuddles by a babe in mama’s arms
Glee on the face as of a blind given sight
I was deflowered by the very lover I craved
One of my soul, mind and body
He bestowed me benefits on a salver of unfeigned love
Benefits as echoed by the psalms
Refreshed daily, cleansed and forgiven
Redeemed form hell and hades; daily again I say!
He finds me, fixes me, all of my broken pieces
Your touch and tender caresses find me oft
Leaving me in an ecstasy of wild spiritual fantasy
I feel the wetness of your flowing grace
Like a cascade flushing over my reins
Overawed at a touch of His garment’s helm
He spoke, this morning to me

broken and fixed

broken and fixed

If you love me


If the summers we stayed together was sunshine and rainbow after a cloudy rain

If you could wriggle as I wriggle to the rhythm of life’s peace and love

If you feel my desire pangs  as I feel yours

If we could share the dirt together at sunset and tropic’s sandy beach

If this feeling is not hunted in your thoughts of me


If you love me

If I bring you smiles and give you butterflies

If I write you and you read my notes forever

If you smell my musk in a reverie like I smell your scent

If the world you see in me seem beautiful like paradise in your eyes as it is for me


Then simply say you do…

While the moon pleads to stray and peep from her abode

While the birds of day return to their nest

While twilight keeps away

Simply say you love me now…

Because I can say I love you always.