And Death died yesterday …


It was a loud screeching sound of agony vented from seven thin crevices atop his grave, a tombstone engraved with the words lucifer’s shame. This time spirits bowed to Spirit as victory was wrought over the spells within closed graves. 

It was no mirage but a vivid reality as  the clouds closed up and curtains were rent! Sounds of thunder, the brightest and most frightening lighting cut across the atmosphere. 

Kings fled, lions cried, stones broke into zillion pieces, even seas dried up… A battle for dominion long won before it ever began… 

A man died so humbly but rose a king with a crown so beautiful, too beautiful to describe, he rose to glamorous victory, he birth eternity and life anew.

He danced on his grave, he sang and then made decrees that sons and daughters alive or dead, born or unborn would live to immortality at the advent of eternity!

Death died but he rose in grace and awe, undefeated, unashamed, kingly and godly; immortal, invincible and invisible to the dead at heart!

It was this that relivened the script, a will in our favor, daily speaking for us, truly enacted by faith and a walk in love and grace!

And death died so life lived !




In my room, in the dark, the lights are out but my screens on…

Cold within and sad beneath, ears are plugged and sounds so loud

I heard above the plugs your call from the other place

I know that voice, the notes, the need, the pain, I hear you pa

I want to come right there and ease your hurt but I cannot always, because now you call to often

I wish I could give a lasting respite, kill the pain and lend you a smile

But sadly and sourly, I cannot again, I want to let go, maybe give in, maybe just maybe

I wish I could be deaf to you, but I can’t and I won’t because I love you

I love you even more than I ever thought I did, I need you again, I’m sorry i need you so much

I love you…so I will answer, as many times you call

I will because I love you still

In pain or joy, in health or wealth, in plenty or lack, I will always be there…

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make another…


I was where you are, a place of doubts and guilt. A place where strength had failed, because over and over again in the pews, on my knees, just like a broken jar, I could hold no tear for flashes and convictions from yesterdays failures mixed with hurts and pain.

The music that played was soul piercing, every note in pitches that tore me down, i was speechless; i had no more promises left to make Him. I had broken many too often, saying over and over again , how i would not knowingly breach the edge again. But in my heart i knew that i would soon quickly savour the sour sweetness, a passion that could only birth the pain and disgust i now felt.

I was exactly at the crossing… a place to give in!

Then just as always he spoke again, he echoed your love, his peace and his hope. I listened as the preacher preached and gave the urge to steer ahead; I found the strength to make another…

I gave in to the comfort of his word, words that carried only love and life, waking my marrows up and giving fire to my bones. I knew this only was how I wanted to feel and be. I gave up my pain for his touch. I made another…

If your still there, I mean at the crossing, on the edge at that height, don’t jump…it is better to fly than take the fall. He is always true and faithful to fix you, we are sons.



If I could hold you and touch you again

If I could be with you without end

If I could dance with you, so beautifully well

If I could make this moment with you

If I would look at you so admirably like one would lust so greedily at gold stones and diamond pearls

If I could be with you always, now and forever

If I could hold you so dearly and warmly like a mother cuddles her new born

If I could wake only and mostly with thoughts of you

If I could be with and in you always

If I could love you stupendously

If my whole life was constantly wrapped in you

If my words would speak so graciously of you

If my passion was totally you

If I could sing your song forever

If the world meant nothing to me but your honour all to me

If all could pass away and time could cease

Then it’s okay because my peace is made and my heart is yours

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Your heart is broken

Friends are few and swift to judge

Your thoughts hunt the peace and joy within

Your soul confronts her worst of fears

In the midst of persistent lack and need

Your faith despairs and fails


The meals are scarce and sourced

Clothes, too few and old

The roof leaks, the windows are broken and rays scourge

There are no horses or cars nor tickets for the train


The music fades and the noise within becomes deafening

Prayers are not in want of words but are unanswered

Visions and dreams fail while fearful thoughts prevail

The storms assail and the waters drown the feet

Just when

All these are at zenith and life hangs over a decision cliff, to hope or to despair; to believe or give in; to live or to die; to smile or to cry; to love or to hate; to faint or pray? Just when all of these flush your mind and soul…be still!

Be still, be still and steer on, because the watchers are never asleep, the watchers are with you, the watchers are near and the watchers are keepers…

Help is certain because love and life abound.

Be still, be strong and believe!

”chituru” …watchful eyes of my pink gold mask


It’s a decade of obsession over the streams that flow over your banks…

Not a moment in the bosom of your basins, though in my minds thought, did memories of your warm flush evade me…

I long for a replay of the endless muse and music beyond twilight chants, especially when i first swam in you…

The longing to touch, hold, yet time slipped bye like a lost lamb in the wild Australian meadows

It’s beautiful this nostalgia, as i reminisce, a silhouette imagery beams on ma minds canvas…

But for the golden sounds from pink to deliver me from this patched cravings

I would have a different story to tell…

Now reawakened by the sound of your waters beating against my banks, i must steer sane and defeat the lurking odds…

Not to drown in you but stay afloat and win you over, friends not foes, hugs not stolen kisses…

In that moment when i reunite with you, i must stay afloat

keep the vows to serve the king and preserve those that he made to serve too…

I write these in a wrap to preserve and honour memories of us now too swiftly faded…

I wish you so well in the turn of a beautiful new age…a turn around because I love the adventure you sway with

More than the craft my pen can deliver , you remain in my reveries for ever, friends not foes…

Yes the most romantic hugs yet not stolen kisses…in watchful eyes of my very pink gold mask.



Where the golden angels are…

I want to go across and beyond…

Further and farther, where you are father…

Where the angels fly to and the sun never goes

That is where i want to go…a place of beauty, resplendence and glow

Where the river of life flows and the maker himself is…

I want to go as swiftly and quickly like a winged creature, fly yonder

To a place where love is pure yet no lovers are

To the highest, widest, deepest, brightest place

A place where your blessing flushes me, floods us on every side!

I would give all yet again, to make that city train…

Need this one way ticket to eternity but no vanity fair…

I want to go quickly, daily and always…

I want to sail across the wild and open seas…

To the place where the golden angels are

Beyond the skies and firmament

I want to make that banquet, a chance to sit with the king

I want to give my trip here for a ticket on the wheels to my lighthouse

Take me there now, where my comfort is thorough

To the warm fires in this cold arctic

That is where we all should be, all of us who seek the king

To the city of golden angels

come sail with me!

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