Voices within my soul..

“Dear young one , please spare me your fetcher that I may draw deeper within and drink of the waters with you” 

“Lend me a hand to come closer as I find my footing by this well, oh please pull with me, drag with me, that quickly and swiftly we may pull together…” 

For iron sharpens iron so also intercourse begets lovers…

“If I make my bed in the deep, lay with me and dream with me … For today the world is ours for the taking while hand  in hand we strengthen each other, daring the odds that daily stare at us, rumbling this ocean of love and people, making the winds seem wilder than the force that sets us to sail…”

It is indeed a lonely and narrow path, we trek alone amidst the vengeful wicked…we must pray ceaselessly because the prize of this race we must win!


Freda’s Closet


Behind the curtains…

Where the lights do not get through nor the sounds 

In the assumed stillness and calm 

Yet beating hearts and panting breathes 

Behind the closed doors; in the  dark closet 

Away from the cheering voices; the screaming audience 

Away from the intermittent applauses; the ovations 

I sat alone, in the loudness of my own, deep worries, wild mind, twisted desires, scarlet dreams 

I waited for the next defeat, the next  failure, the very next…disgust, the next moment of broken promises

I couldn’t go beyond the curtains because I had become so untrustworthy, unfaithful, unreliable 

Doing daily the things that kill the script , ruin the act, kill the story 

Now I am sure I work harder daily to  make this fail but for you’re relentless belief in me 

If you want me to go beyond the curtains to the lights , maybe now you must hold me by the hand , I give all

Take every piece of me , make of me the artiste you seek

Squeeze this life out of me and shine the light so bright on me

Fix me again and grace my acts with your eyes of love….

Re-write my verses 

“Fred, I see you, I have gat you…”

Image source -web anonymous




I always  thought you were unassailable , 


undeniably dependable ,so enviably amiable

Yeah even indestructible 

No worries but glories 

No stories , so stable; reliable and  

Even when I fumble you’re reachable 

I can’t even begin to count how many times you saved,me cleaned,me made!

Going after me like you was all so hooked on drugs , now am addicted to you, so convicted, now undefeated!

You are  invisible and Together we are invincible just me and you, but you get all the glory because i’m sidekick you’re my superhero!

I ain’t no hero, I was zero destined to fizzle but you singled my lonely self ,Gave me up for nothing !

Like a father,never failing !

You’ be made me special 

You are Gold!

“Winged lovers”


So close I came But 

So far I feel

‘Okay, bye’; I said
Instantly You said; ‘No, Wait!!’

I asked; ‘A day without night?’

The reply; ‘A night without day’

Now I see 
Always I know

Forever I wait…


Wrapped in the sheets of white love,

Pure as wool!

Caught in its drag net,

As fish choked in bait!

The crave is for our endless tomorrow…

Unbroken reveries, 

Like endless summer days to an Eskimoan but utopian!

I steer a sail on life’s carnival cruise to a place of perfect affectations.

I just want to fly beyond

In an endless drift with you

Indeed a night without day, customs made for winged lovers only!
Paige Olat & Ejohn 

Paige olat

A few days ago, My hands were itchy so I let my pen have intercourse with his lover; my paper and they gave birth to her… 

In a pit of undying death, I fell 

In secret, words; deep words are said
It was the same dream, every night

Alas! It was a different dream every night 
I thot it was over

It had just began; I knew not
Amidst all odds I stand 

Swimming to survive against the tides
All is lost

Yet so much is gain 
Counting the cost for the cause

Not a thing did I withhold
The good, bad, & ugly;

All shades of beautiful gray
Profess, protect, provide;

A line from ‘ola’s book

yes, no, definitely maybe…
Paige Olat



if I slip of this tip on this trip

I could sleep for eternity in snap

But I shall clip these steep thoughts in my kip

No reason to fester nightmares!

I get the creep when i weep as though alone at this tip

Daily slipping and flipping

But you always as ever,rescue me without any cue to curb my cries just in time…

I’ll steady my ways in you and make ready my space for your grace 

I love you

Ezra’s passion

  Once upon a time, as  I went far back in time through the holy scrolls where I met a man called Ezra. Ezra was very typically bearded just as the middle eastern rabbi and scribes were usually presented, he also had lots of grey on his skull to show for years lived and learned. However I would wana talk about Ezra’s passion for something my words can not describe effectively, Ezra had a unreserved passion for Elohim. He was just so addicted and I this counted for obeisance and totality of worship for someone more superior to humanity of anything that concerns it. Once he felt that men had left the path of truth, and Ezra took off his hair from scalp to chin, rent his cloths and sat on the bare ground to reflect disapproval and soreness for degenerates. He considered life absolutely differently from what we see today. 

Ezra’s passion was God! He loved God and eschewed evil deeply! He had his entirety to studying and meditation, abstinence from sin and dearest for compromise. The story of Ezra’s passion is better accounted for in the holy scrolls.

I have been humbled at Ezra’s passion and his untainted commitment to God and his words of prophesy… I decided to share about Ezra’s passion because I am at a phase now, a crossroad to steer on rightly on truth’s path or wrongly away…

I need you now, I need you your passion, I wana be stupendously addicted to your passion, your love all over again .

Please Stay with me.