The purge

yes it’s a beautiful morning, this time for me, when the day dawns and the thick night’s covers are pulled away… I sit or lie arround the corners of bed in introspect, all I can hear are my thoughts competing with the tweeting sounds from the morning birds all over. These sounds come through so clearly and crisp that the melodies of guilt from my introspection are even more reprimanding, knowing that this chilly breezy morning and music is completly His work.

No questions there is a creator and accountability is key! He’s given chances daily over and over to reconcile all of our motives, conducts, actions, moves to Him. He simply has to been the epicentre, the essence and only reason why we do all we do. It has to be about the life giver and the life taker!

We must find the reason to live right just for Him and nothing else. All the noise within and without, all of it, must be for Him. Yes He dwells within our praise, He loves our thanks giving and adulation but beyond all that is the brokenness and yieldedness that we must completely offer to Him.



while we look at the world through the prism of hues, we must then see thoroughly that it’s a rich spectrum beyond black and white, it must be beyond the labels of skin, eyes and hair… In our world today, the circles have become concentric, we all share a sphere of interest, a pace to overcome not just to outrun. we must therefore find a rhythm of synchronised goals, relegate nepotism, dispose tribalism and altogether kick racism in the face! Religion must unite not divide, politics must govern not oppress the people as the flag for humanity and regard for lives fly the highest through collective and collaborative efforts by the people, for the people.This itself is godliness and the main purpose of life itself!

The road to Udine

  • A place where mountains meet clouds and canopies of fog hanging above coniferous tree forest, cold as the alps in summer...On this tortuous bendy road tunnelling through mountains and stones, His presence snowed upon me and I found rest on everyside…
  • I saw clearly as in a trance, the beautiful and fearful works of my maker; I saw the pristine ,idyllic horizon of nature’s magnificence…A few minutes to udine but a drive into meditations on eternity in blissful serenity….

Photo credit: Elderjohn


I saw her like a unicorn emerge from the white flames, flames of the sweetest fragrance of burning incense from prayers beneath alters where only elders have knelt to pray…

A place where heavy hearts become lightened by a beam of hope shining right accross from the cross where blood and water spilled dripped to clean like a cleansing as of a mythical hyssop!

The fragrance of love, a break out of mercy and an overflow of grace; all at once as the heavens listened and earth became still…

Each passing day becomes that tale to tell, a melody to sing and a poem to write