“if this kind is…”

Sweet or sour
I shall,either
Cold or warm
On a day,
Sunny or rainy
In a place of
Peace or war
For reasons of
Black or white
In my
Life or death
My taste of you
Salt and fresh
Gives me
Pain or joy
Like eyes
Wet or dry
Till i am
Bones or flesh
To every
Man or woman
I share the bliss of a lost kind
A contrast untapped
sealed and locked away in my nights of dreams
Like shrill sounds from gold and silver cymbals
I am but a wanton lover with tears of contrition and losses of yesterday’s loneliness
A walk on hurting feet alone on an aisle of parched grounds
If this complexities interest you like it does me
Then come my way in the sweetest disguise
Fix my pain and mix my dreams with realities
I may be young and old all at once for you
This is not a clarion cry for haters but for a gold lover
Fair at heart and lovable by looks
Eyes of a sea goddess
Skins like an infant’s
Voice like a nightingale’s
Worthy of heaven’s courts
Hair as wool
Breasts as a sculpted greek woman
All I want is you tonight
When other lovers lay in arms of one another
When the stars brightly shine
And the moon in a semi-glow beneath clouds of dark beauty
All I crave underneath my sheets of white
On a windy breezy tropical paced zephyr
In the still of the night
When heart beats sound like cacophony
Stay with me ,in my thoughts as I listen to pieces by James blunt & LightHouse
It’s a sad night without you
Still I lay to awake on the morrow to a hope that your appearing tarry no more





I dust my sheets and yell a yawn

From days past of a dis-friended art

But now she must kiss my ink and I must stain her sheets again

With words of love inclined to beautiful petals of red and white

Both roses of love and want, desires from the purest of heart

Cravings unanticipated, precipitated by a flicker of passionate conversation

Irene a French goddess of serenity passed by the streets of gold

A deity, half human, half god, in the most unassuming lure

Bearing vessels of brown gold with peace bites and offerings

As she swayed across my path of gold, droplets of tears from yesteryears

Left prints of desire and crushes as tattoos upon a heart, willing and noble

The prince was stupefied by the gentle and subtle kindles of mirthful cheer

This beauty in a reverie was nothing comparable to paradise!

Most profoundly after pledges of friendship sounded in corroborative assertions

In those days when shadows lurked in the valley of my solitude

When warmth was scared of cold, when paucity was king over the prince

She brought him the most tasteful venison of love

Can friends stay forever? Can desire wait for passion?

Amidst this blissful fantasy are cautions within the confines of the KING’S command

These rules of fraternity must be kept like goads that keep poking the thighs

To hearts broken and longing, to lovers wishing and calling

She is but nigh and soon swiftly comes

For the most beautiful arts are painted by those in love with roses

Males or females seeking only affections by the KING’s rule

I wish u Irene; I wish you a bringer of peace to troubled hearts and wanting souls

In this tangle is another, fairer and purer,

Leaving subtle muses of infatuations on my lustful eyes

Then I find that peace and wealth would merge to save the world of this prince

How can two goddesses rule the world of nobles, grace the heart of the same kings?

Well it is said that where peace abides wealth endures…

I shall find peace and wealth within my walls


image source; Google images