• He told me his mercy is renewed daily for my sake
  • He made me a covenant of peace and forgiveness
  • He cleansed me and qualified me for grace Himself
  • He was payment for me; Yes He is sacrifice enough
  • He told me kings will serve me, queens will nurse me
  • He’s tells you just as He’s told me, it’s unconditional!
  • He told me and i believe like a child believes a father!

“The gatekeeper”

while men sleep, in wild loud silence of dark nights, amidst creatures that upset the rhythm of nature’s tranquil

Worries nurturing fear give nightmares to feeble minds, but the watchers keep watch and the keepers keep time; keeping the ordinance of daytime and nightfall, keeping the moon and stars from the burning heat of earth’s sunshine, tick-tock sings the time

On the watcher’s watch; the gatekeeper opens and closes the gate of Hades, keeping vile men within and right men without...Hence we must often remmeber, On this journey, that the watcher watches and the gatekeeper keeps


Mount me silly, ride me crazy; like an addiction you power without contemplation
Let me be your high-horse you stay atop, only keep me fed for vigour to bear your ride and grind
Today my wishes are horses; Today my vanity is bliss, I ‘ll have you ride and grind on them…
Give into desires with passion like wild fires, burning and turning our hay to gold-straws
Only keep this zest in tune with the fumes of my wishful desires
Mount me silly, ride me crazy; like an addiction you power without contemplation!

image source : I.G


Levitate, don’t agitate, moments will fade away…

Navigate everyday, palpitate then you aggravate the hate

Motivate, don’t depreciate , Dreams will appreciate

Elevate, don’t pulsate, realites will accommodate

Emancipate, Dont suffocate, change the fate don’t decapitate, activate to captivate

Accelerate, don’t oscillate; keep the pace, win this race!