Just like a thundering quake and a wild whirling,swirling wind, I feel the enormity and magnanimity of your sweetness; your most gracious and  kindest charity, wheeling me through the visicitudes of life’s journey. Daily with unflinching resolve, I eat of the sweetness of your most tender mercy, your most benevolent bliss;  I find reasons to steer right and narrow, on this path, a city of wildlings rendering  unbearable brutality, iniquity and infirmity, plaguing creation like a viral influenza, sparing none but them  with the seal of your enduring promise.

Appreciation Sourced from this sweet wells of gratitude, drawn from the depths of true brokenness, I find the bliss of committing my frail being to you; knowing i but for you, deserved no better meal than the portion of savages held hostage by fiendish desires to defile constantly your temple. Therefore I shan’t dare to know the place where vile beings go but dwell in the safety and beauty of your everlasting love which does copiously suffice my soul!


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