These thoughtS of me are welling up and making me wail and want to cry out for freedom…

Freedom from the hurts of you
Freedom from this obseSsion you call love

ALL I see is just a bleak light but at this cross road,
I need you now
I need your company ,
all I seek is my freedom,
freedom of love ,
freedom for the people,
freedom for the creative

Don’t stray now,hold tight
Don’t runaway ,I’m inspired so I can aspire to desire you more and more
But I won’t trade this freedom for nothing
This freedom, I won’t sell
Let me have you close but far away I go, if I must not Kill my freedom
This freedom is my life..

EJOHN’s thoughts


sunShine melodies

Someday the world would stand still for me and you
The sunshine would be for us alone
Then it would be bright aS it ought to be
Someday when we never thought we would
The world would know our names and clap swell for us

But tonight don’t let the Sadness kill the future
Today don’t cry your eyes out because someday is nearer like never ever been

Someday is yours and mine and now
Remember I share your pain just as much
Because what you feel I feel ,what you fear I fear..what you see I see
So let’s stay even in hope together for we muSt

Someday the world Would stand still just for me and you and the sunshine would ours alone
As we find our place with hope

EJOHN’s thoughts..


It is a decision to commit to another who may have or not have the capacity to receive this unflinching commitment ,it is spiritual,physical and psychologically motivated.

loyalty is that ingredient of character that births a resolve to serve and be yielded unto a cause without attending to any reasons to look back however the turn of events.

when a person resorts to alternatives and contingencies,when the ideal standards are watered down, when things are not followed through as they ought to, we describe these scenarios as situations of compromise.

time management:
simply involves planning in which specific time and energy are designated adequately to priorities as regards specific concerns.

EJOHN’s thoughts..

A Cold old beggar

It was evening and raining
Walking home, several thoughts racing through the track of my mind
I observed well enough,just enough across the road
Still and stale in the rains, a cold old beggar
Seated still, seeking and hoping a coin might drop off whealthier hands
He sat in much dust, mud and debris His companions,He was just not a champion
I loathed the rains, though I had my boots and sweater
I still felt the cold but here was the beggar so poor and cold
Starved and homeless!
As twilight set in …
I remembered how much I grumbled and worried daily
Craving wants not even needs!
I pondered
I knew then I needed gratitude as an attitude to stay on this undeserved altitude
It became obvious to me that I was favored …
I watched as men passed looking narrowly at Adamu the “cold old beggar”
Again I understood what loneliness meant
This beggar’s world was sad, lame and full of shame
I was going home so late attending to the always seeming nagging calls from my ma and pa
I was loved and cared for, missed and prayed for
I was not so alone like I thought I felt…
Teach me God to be grateful like the lame poor old cold beggar
Teach me to be thankful always, to know you’re merciful to me
Teach us to think better to thank better!

EJOHN’s thoughts..

The shoe craft

The shoe craft
Have you imagined yourself journey a thousand miles on bare feet? Can you fathom an infantry without foot guards? Did it cross your mind that without shoes, athletes cannot function effectively on race tracks? Have you imagined how uneasy and poorly Lionel Messi would play soccer without his ‘fancy’ utility boots? How about that beautiful lady, chic and elegantly adorn at some cocktail but with sore feet for lack of shoes, thus without a chance to dance or that wedding dress without a lovely pair of shoes for the bride to wear?

She has sure bettered our lives, everywhere in the world, everyday and almost always, shoes are worn for variety of reasons but to simply appreciate shoes on a more literal perspective, is for the protective function they perform for our feet; for our feet must carry us hitch free around.

The craft is thus a thriving and evolving one. Daily, newer designs are fabricated, meeting various specific needs. Fashion trends are set, the streets are colourful, and men, women and children are more comfortable and simply happier! This craft would continue to emerge and grow but the Italians and Spaniards have graced the upper strata of the pyramid, though the relative-relevance gamut remains wide enough to accommodate even the third world economies like Nigeria. They have perfected handmade designs and pushed the frontiers for the rest of the world to pursue.

We have little but critically notable strides, we have identified with this craft as a means to leapfrog the small scale industry, another means to foster the private sector boost and increase the increasing opportunity of entrepreneurship. The entire Industry ,from buckle making to the sewing and patterning on shoes, the leather cutting, sole machining, gum making and sales, shoe accessories, the shoe packing ,highlighting just a few, offer opportunities in manifold ways to our emerging economy.
There are indeed local shoe makers, factories and markets already thriving although there remain countless challenges still limiting the outburst of the sector ranging from defective policies on small scale industries, to importation and exportation duties, power infrastructure, the consumer perception of local products and poor branding sense on the part of these craftsmen themselves. A whole lot can be done to improve the growth and development of this industry geometrically.
Contingent on this, it remains the collective work of consumers, producers and policy makers to ensure that the growth in this industry is duly sustained.

EJOHN’s thoughts..

Technology is Grey

Technology has been defined in many respects by many writers, professionals in related fields of technology and science but the recurrent denominator which cuts across in all these perspectives and definitions by the afore mentioned authorities, is in the simplicity that technology is the pragmatic application of science, while being guided by certain scientific procedures, to solve problems that bother man and his environment. Technology thus becomes a tool in the hand of man to reach unto certain heights and comfort as the case maybe.
The reason why we have technological changes is because there is a constant need to address man’s very many complex problems. These problems are discovered and analysed through science (a human art that seeks to know and understand the nature of things, following some credible and defined methods, in all relevant respects) thereafter solved or managed through the appropriate technological approach.
A mobile phone, an adorable yet almost tragic communication gadget, built to meet the communication need of man, for business or pleasure, is so made; its use is subject to her user’s intents and underlying motives.
A man may decide to make a threat-call with his mobile phone to another as well as may choose to say a warm hello to another with the same cell phone. The cell phone would not complain nor refuse her user provided all working factors are met. Another man could take the same cell phone and use the device as a bomb detonator or may have chosen earlier to appease a crying baby girl by giving her the phone as a toy to toil with.
A gun which mostly is L-shaped could seem to a child as some sort of toy but we are all aware what a gun is manufactured for. I could go and on with numerous examples to show the manifold ways in which the user of any contrivance d etermines the need which it ends up meeting in the long run irrespective of the prior intent of manuifacture or deployment of any such tools of technology.
Technology remains the key to solving problems. Technology is guiltless; she has no reason not to thrive. Thus technological growth and development must be further encouraged as long as the right policies are formulated to guide its adequate and well meaning use. The bane of every crime, calamity and system failure is predominantly precipitated by a policy flaw or inadequacy as well as its implementation. The right level of research and intellectual rational must be put together during every policy making process in other to achieve the best possible intent, perhaps a zero tolerance for inadequacies in formulated and implemented laws.
We must indeed be protect her for she makes our world a better and easier place; through the formulation of the right laws and policies to give technology a positive value.

EJOHN’s thoughts..