let’s not treat dogs over humans…

when your up there…don’t ignore down here

I need you alive ,stay alive and be alive!


You are my hiding place

You are my hiding place
Where I run away into
A place where other kids can’t touch me

You are my hiding place
Where I cleave to you trousers
And hold tight beneath you thighs

You are my very hiding place
Where I want nothing
But in the hollow of your huge palm

You are my hiding place
Where i’m complete in you
Fearless,holy and blameless

Yes you’re simply my hiding spot

letter to my unknown lover

This feeling spills from the very hollow of my marrow
Life itself wants a piece of it ,a purity that souls can share and wear
Like garments of fine twisted pleats of gold
Every air I breathe ,I perceive the scent of your gentle and tender affections of love
And now like a wounded lion,I roar in pain yet wail as a child, craving for this divinity I fantasize of love

If the world knew a place of love,if there was a house of passion, if the seas were as oceans of love
If everything was gold,love would still be priceless
The value of her exceeds the riches of solomon; its purity than the purity of the circumcised
A love that’s sacred,virgin and untouched,one that a mere man can not give or value,surreal and utopian but ideal!

Love is eternity,love is spirit,love is soul,love is deity ,love is mighty!

Love is you
I fear for a separation from you
I need a translation,to search you out
Fill my thoughts and heal my wound
Mend my heart and cure my disease
Make me like you,don’t let go but most of all,let me find you
Where ever thou art ,for you’re life itself!