Why does your mercy unfold to me in layers as of an onion bulb?

Why ever do I wake to newness and the brightness of your glory like a blanket of cloud over me?

Why do I find my feet still running the race when I tire within; fly when I faint and stand when the earth quakes?

Why do you carry me on your wings of mercy; lift me with your arm of grace and bind me within the walls of your faithfulness?

Why do you spare my frailty when constantly, I veer away from your presence; conceited in my vain humanity, void of chastity and divinity?

Why do you find me daily, call me early and keep me always? Yes, like a potter you break me, mould me and fix me!


love Metaphor 

I have tasted the bitter, sweet and sour , sure tasted neither wrong or right but just as life felt exactly…
I miss the softness of your silk white sheets of blissful affection, kindness and warm passion

I have pricked and licked the sore openings of the leaved gates, so I also miss your sweet tender caress…

I have missed coffee moments where we sit in a single chair to share muses of truths and instructions, all these always felt better than living ordinary 

I know you are Spirit and I human, but how you choose to give sweet ecstasy to my mortality and worship to your divinity is beyond the justice my words could ever give…

It’s for this and many desires that I aspire to ascend beyond the limits of my self conjured clouds, to visit the highest firmaments where your most divine presence gives sweet eternal essence to my very soul!

400 Miles

400mile pic

400 miles; a walk in path not an aisle 
Yeah Eyes can see; ears can hear 
Good tidings to fill their void

No retreats, no surrender!
A match forward only...
Like foot soldiers for the cross not just our cause 
We do a few to save some more; We do some more to save a few

400 lives, a walk in path to  ease their hurts 
You give some smiles to fix some lives 
To be saviors in a dieing world 
A world so wide yet so nigh, 
Not far at all but right across...

400 souls, we know we care!
We glide and fly, grease and grace 
Like angels to wanton souls 
A life of bliss, truly divine 
This we have but time is key!

Motivate, captivate , activate 
Make a soul...
vine makers and keepers
We Keep the vine not the wine 
For it's No meat and drink but great life and power 
through love and hope

400 miles,a walk in path; no length of some aisle 
Make a soul!

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Where angels go


When these winged beings die…
Where do they lay?
If they do?
How and what?
They fly accross the fermaments…glide on clusters of hanging clouds…burning like fire
Delivery beings they are!
Do they? When they? Why?
Spirit to spirits, yet so real and true!
Mighty and gigantic, swift and supersonic!
Numerous in millions…
Who keeps them? For whom are they?
Making melodies; best voices ever heard,across heavens and earth!
I have seen a flash of travelling light, beam across my darkest moments, flooding the tunnels and carverns, when hopeless and helpless i fainted
The lights enveloped me,cleared my doubts and flapped me on thier wings of mercy…
No wonder i get lifted and so easily lighted…

Beyond here, to the spinning wheel…swirling winds of spirits they go!
I wonder when they die…or how they do if ever they do…these beings,dwell with me daily!
For my safety they cluster and pester…always here
Never away…in sin or right…hedged in
I have seen these fight my battles
I know there are angels all arround me!


I see you again…

this afternoon, right beside me, no sunshine but distant car screeching,honks, wailing baby, barking dog, grinding metals, all at once beneath the blowing winds that move the trees across my window

My thoughts became vivid images as I read the news, recalled  events and pondered deeply, almost about every thing all at once

This time I see my wretchedness in the contrast of your persistent love, your kindest mercy, because     I knew deep within I was no better than those I read about, in pain and death, some in eternal grief, limited choices and broken spirit

It leaves me to wonder how much worth I really am?

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far sides of the earth, when I run into the depth of hell, 

your there…when i awake from sleep…
Day by day, all was written in your word before ever i came to be
Full of wonder…fearfully made
You’re there always with me…you yes you
Only you…so close i can feel the very scent of your touch…the very breath of your nostrils…quenching the fires of my illicit wants
You alone shielding me from the fiery darts that thrust at me daily
You, forgiving thousands and cleansing nations and peoples
You who ride on the fermaments for my defense…ungrateful me
It is just you again at my trail as i sail yonder…

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Under the cherry blossoms, we sat and spent cheerful nights like lovers and friends do

We drank to stupor the most red of wines from life’s vineyard

Our hearts raced to thoughts of love, war and death behind

We were alone yet surrounded by our own very fears and doubts

Doubts of the truth about the life beyond and after

But history will be faithful to our memories

Because acts of love and care will live through the sands of time

Under the clouds of our own heaven we sat, we spent the night starring into the reflections of galaxies beyond

Questions were unanswered as we made for the knives that would slit our throats

None new what words to say to allay the fears that gripped our souls like the hands of a drowning soul unsaved

Beneath those clouds we were when we heard the sounds of an orchestra and the works of brass instruments

 Beating the drums of our ears, like redemption song, the melodies and harmonies, irresistible!

This has been a reverie mixed with true life’s experience yet laced with uncertainties

Uncertainties that make for difficulty in allotting to it the right nomenclature

Under my sheets of love I slept and my cogitations gave birth to unending worrisome dreams

Dreams aching to be realities, yenning for a transfiguration show

We were still beneath the sheets of blossoms, when knives were drawn and throats slit!




i wonder i ponder yet i don’t know
why you’ld ever choose to love me
why you’ld ever care so much for me
why you’ld be so kind to spare me
i trouble i grumble i even mumble but again i remember
how you healed me
why you keep me close
why you even trust me
why you keep believing me
even when nothing is secret to you

you see my every move,you see my nakedness
you hear my vile thoughts,you just put up with me
i am humbled,i bother,i almost wither ashamed and broken
why you let me live, i never deserved to stay alive
why you helped me
why you hide me in your pavillion

oh why?
why oh why? chorus

who knows the end of your compassion?
who has a measure for your mercy?
in my worship,you dwell within
offering your most tender caress
you,big you,great you wise you,ageless you making me speechless!
speechless by the splendor of your sweetness
why you even call my name or keep a record of me…
why you call me yours
why you never cheat on me
why you made me great
why you set your love on me

oh why?
why oh why? chorus