love danced…

Love danced naked!
She was in the streets, an urban zone, and all men who passed stared!
She couldn’t be ignored, her thighs so well proportioned to emphasize the beauty of her well finished hips and sides, her eyes shined as brightly as she stylishly winked at them
But she was sold out and bought with a price
A price that cost so much that none else could have paid
Her scarlet sash, trailed her back curves and wriggled at the rhythm of her motion
Some said she lived in paradise, others said a city of light
Some even thought she came from the ocean, a sea goddess amongst men!
Little knew they, she was a mystery yet a cynosure!
But as the wind blew and the pipers played, street boys drummed, to match her pace and steps, to give her a tune of concord
None struck her note until a collection of stringy sounds played from across a window on a path of her exit, amidst the city noise, she heard and paused and caused a scene
The wind began to blow harder causing her flay skirt to fly and show the goldenness of her skin and soon she began the dance
This was meant for only kings but she danced and danced and danced
Her teeth showed and men wished for her, her buttocks shook and many fell
Love danced naked
She was the angel of love dressed in white and scarlet scarf
This beauty was everything beautiful but was dumb for her voice was ceased by the god of want
She had spoken rudely before Him at the fellowship of kings, where He cursed her beauty, saying none would hear from her again
However the king of music spoke for her and said; by Him she would be happy, then spoke also the king of dance
As she danced, her skirt fell, her strings showed and soft beautiful flesh showed …the prophecy came to pass
Love danced naked and made love to music and dance
Men watched jealously as the virgin angel of love gave it all
For Art was conceived in this of passion of love, music and dance!

thoughts by Ejohnlov