Everyday is a Halloween for Benedict
He doesn’t choose who to be,he becomes what he saw days before
He struggles with the odds between him and Benedict
He wears the mask and goes in a stealth, unseen,unchanged yet wanted
Sometimes he’s her, sometimes he’s him
Nobody knows Benedict
A monster,an angel, a demon, a priest, a God, a monk? ,
Unseen, unknown,sad, worried, unheard
Nobody hears Benedict
All locked in a body called flesh, starved and bullied
searching daily for an identity stolen

Then silence crept in on solitude uninvited
She came and unmasked him that was hid within
He was tearful mostly alone and wished to stay seen
Alone he had the voice of a king
Danced like a champ,shouted for victory short lived!
As respite stepped away Benedict lost his voice

Image by cindy nielson from google images

post by Ejohngold