Truly moved to warm tears and overwhelming compassion; when a soldier reaches for the next man, not to spill blood but to spare In the face of overwheleming fear, broken hopes and flimsy bliss

It reminds me of nothing more than feautures of  immortality.I find this akin to the values of purpose birth by a paranormal conviction to just love beyond reason.Regarding the next human as worthy of as much life as there is to give.

Now this practice is not utopian, it’s already been exemplified just as when a good wise king died to save strangers and servants centuries a ago…when also a young soldier stung by the stories of this king, gave himself up for the safety of his compatriots  

I want to  live better, give better walk better, think better and ultimately love better.For purpose and vision, for values of faith and hope beyond the triffles or trophies of vainty; a function of hypocrisy and distasteful melodies!


inspired by the life of Sire Desmond Doss

images sourced: Google


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