gods & goddesses

That way he loved her was godly; that way she made him feel  was godly… How she forgave him and he forgave her; new pages they flipped… Then everything was simply divine for them superhuman, paranormal and heavenly Living amongst us daily



Human nature

As days bleed into years, from infanthood to adulthood, the untamed beasts craves for more than its allowed, seeking pasture on the other side… It’s the battle fought within and without to win and become; it’s labelled good versus evil, desires to kill or give life, slander or better another, faint or pray…whilst it behooves on each man or woman to save the day at any cost, preserve the hope for a better world, victors must allow victims to equally travail and become… Love must understand that the Human nature is viral, weak and insatiable; craving and musing over evil yet in melancholy about intrinsic desires to do good…

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I have walked on water, I ran in quicksand and flew on land breaking the rules of my universe 

I did do all to change the tide; to flip the switch to have you back in time again…

But eternity swallowed you up, death was mistaken , she thought she had you but life won as you became immortal both here in heart and there in life
photo credit: Abiola ibukunoluwa


Every quiet night, I hear the noise of my thoughts telling me what my dreams and my goals are…

I say to myself , “I’d stand until I am through with this… I’d weigh the cost of the price to pay  and I’ll give all it takes , I would chase these thoughts of mine because that’s who I am… a dreamchaser ” 

Motivation : Temmylade Aladeokin ( Decade memoirs) 

xanadu (that place…)

so I pushed the odds and broke boundaries but Just as you ride upon firmaments for me!

I dared and feared no man, steered on high ways to hell but Just as always,you renewed!

I kissed the devil and fraternised with strange goddesses  but just as always, you washed me clean!

I made promises and constantly kept at breaking them but Just as the ordinance of day and night, you stay!

I grumbled, murmured, cursed and spoke in multitude of words  but Just as always, you forgave, blessed and established me!

I have simply managed to remember your love and yet it unconditionally remains with me…in this place of perfect peace and tranquil!