They must be taken every moment to yield the next moment
Sometimes prompt and sanely works
Sometimes slow but wisely prevails
All the time decisions must birth the imminent future we anticipate
Needless to say, when wisely taken, enduring fortune and joy we get
But if foolishly, impending doom lies ahead
Life is a series in stages, scripted and written by our very little acts and great choices, a function of no fiction but decisions!

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As I take steps closer
Sometimes I can’t feel the hands of destiny on my shoulder
Patting me to go on and further
I am torn between options of giving up some dreams and hopes
Because at this time, time has not redeemed itself nor yielded its fruits
It seems alot like just confusion waking at dawn
But the comfort for each passing day is that the prince of the faithful takes me further
Makes me more than yesterday
I indeed get stronger, I get better
The splendor shall come because each day, each hour, each minute and every second
He takes me very much closer
I love you papa with all my heart
I know it’s rough now
I know sometimes unfaithful
Just take me there
I won’t despise your worship
I shall do the dance and the clap
I shall live the life
Just push me closer daily.

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oh africa! we cry…

Tears of our weary souls…
In dust and ashes we lay all day
The pangs of pain fuel our hurts we sing
For we’ve strived for decades
Hope deferred saddens our soul
A hell state here on our side of earth!
we mourn helplessly,relentlessly
Involuntarily, spontaneously as we reminisce
People of diverse morals,beliefs and culture
Unity deprived,love stripped
Like rainfall in july,our tears flow!
We must arise to stop our cries!
For right before our eyes the rules are breached
Rules of positivity,altruistic values
Virtues that lead to peace and harmony
Growth and mirth,grace and smiles
When we are one in voice and heart
When we live not exist!
Lets betray evil and injustice
Lets ruin the ruins caused by despots
Tyrants in uniforms,reprobates!
Hey,here is hope!
A hope we must hope even against
By a renewal of thoughts and mind
When each can rule and lead aright,
Love and follow he who stares from the waters
A man in the mirror
There is hope today!

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Same blood!
The earth is still
Clouds are gone
Her lights are dim
Doors are shut
The winds that blow
Cold as ice!

No guests at all
Just you and i
So closely bond
Breathes apart
The choice is ours
For tonight…

But lust is sour
Love is sore
Flesh deprives Us our right
To dance this dance!

The game is fun but too wrong play
The words that sound
So harsh to hear
The blood that speaks
One we share!

Same blood.

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The Rules of Fraternity

They stay till eternity
In unity as a peaceful community
To foster fraternity, the cord of brotherhood is continuity
The preference of one to the other is absent
Equality of thoughts, equity of judgment
Ranks are unbroken, lies are rent, and truths are rekindled
Fairness is justice, defence is collective
War is avoided, dialogue is not collective
War is avoided, dialogue is not contemplated
Thus growth is accomplished, mounts are brought low
Valleys are levelled, the earth yields
She responds to honour fraternity
For by these rules, vanity becomes sanity
Together they stay in charity
A unity of diversity, one proclivity!

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Racing shadows

Racing shadows
I’m running down her streets going nowhere they can perceive!
I’m moving pretty fast, faster than race horses.
My pace on this race makes me lace so tight
Yet they perceive it’s nowhere
But I see the shadows of angels ahead;
Broad wings, flying, racing and pacing!
With the last breathe in my lungs I’m chasing, facing this race!
I must soar, I must glide!
At this pace I’ll succeed, I’ll conquer,
For it’s a quest!
Though these shadows be faster
However slower I may seem
I see better; these racing shadows !
I’ll win sooner!

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Dear mama,
please share this letter with papa
Make sure it’s morning after devotion
Over your cup of tea and talk
If it gladdens your heart, do share a hug
And do know I truly love you——-verse1

I became your thoughts and dreams though it came in a different picture
But just like you wanted I’m colorful and respectful. ——————verse2

Mama tell papa for me that I love him
I miss you all and know that you’re engraved on my heart
Papa you rock swell in me, mama your old scolds didn’t get me cold but warm,
Days became sunny mama
I love you both now —————-verse3

Dear mama, my papa
Just wanna ta-ta you
Mama papa————————-chorus