We have grown to see yesterday  gone like waters leave  streams for rivers…

yesterday was beautiful to behold, to hold, to keep and perhaps indulge…

But yesterday is gone with the winds, too swiftly like deers chased after by the black Panthers of time  

Today we cry, sob deeply; carelessly and relentlessly into emotional stupor, perhaps regretful in gnashing teeth, but only today we cry…

Tomorrow we dine with kings, queens, wise men of the East, rulers and principalities… as destiny prevails upon out path and mercy speaks favourably to us ward! 

We surrender today to yesterdays exit, that tomorrow may swiftly come upon us and never end… 


The man died!

Words are few, tears overflow, pain is blisss as hurts hinder; yes the man died!
But In your presence the golden candles are never unlit and truly smelling savours of broken spirits are always sweet…

In your presence death dies and mortality disappears, For your tender mercy and grace preserve, your love endures…

Unashamed, unrestrained; unabashed, unafraid, I come broken

Open our eyes today to see the light of your presence; to see clearly, hear properly and know enough…

From this tearful broken spirits and sombre contrition we pray today…

For Elder Isaiah by ElderJohn 

Have you? 

Have you ever felt cheated? Have you ever felt hurt?

Have you ever lost time?  Have you ever felt used? 

Have you ever lost a friend to the vacuum of loud silence?

Have you ever cried blood-tears like Jesus did?

Have you lost a father, mother, brother or sister?

Have you been broken into pieces or struck by thunder? 

Have you read your own story on the tabloids?

Have your been violated physically or emotionally?

Have you been or are you so ill in your soul and or body?

Have you been forgotten so easily under the rain of shame and pain?

Have you cursed the day you were born or wished for death dearly?

Have you also nearly died in the ignorance that God’s love just never fail? 

Have you been saved? if you have not been saved then these pains aren’t  going to go away just yet,

image sourced via Google images  (anonymous)

Being yours 

i wana flip daily them pages  like i do them media 

I wana read the scroll like I read them tabloids 

Spread your news,  like i spread the gossip 

I wana make the mark, oh like I crave the grammys 

I wana win them souls like I desire them Oscars 

I just wana be yours, I just wana be yours 

I just wana be yours, 

I just wana be yours, totally completely 

I just wana be yours 
No Alibis, no cutting corners, all the way yours 

I wana keep on winning, I wana keep on living 

like i should be leading, breathing and feeling 

just wana be yours 

totally completely yours …

on Sunday Monday through until another Sunday 

we wana be yours 

chorus again