It was you

It was you… In the shadows beyond the meadows
Right across the uptown alley in a downtown twist…
It was you who came from behind and held me through the blind cold night
It was you,yeah the one i felt and smelt…the musk of your scent stings my faint memories today
But it was you who came along as friends and family in a disguise
Helping through odds that kept at me
It was you all along…in the valley,it was you
I saw your face in a blurry picture…you were the little boy
The man, The woman,the young girl…you were always in the picture
You were the miracles, the successes, the hope…just everything that came through was you
When i wept,when i pained,when i was shattered;broken into a million pieces..
It was you…the potter,fixing me daily!
I saw you…i saw a priest..i saw a prophecy true…
It’s been just you


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My psalms 23

The lord is my keeper,i lack nothing…making me dwell amidst green pastures
To graze full and fat
leading me besides still and trobled waters
He restores my soul and granting me peace at heart
He prepares me a banquet, my foes and friends he invites…
No wonder i tour the paths of lurking death, i fear no nigh or distant evil…
He is present with me…
Your big rod and golden staff bring me ultimately, comfort like never before
Most assuredly goodness and mercy follow me now and to eternity
You never sleep snor or slumber
You watch painstakingly over me…
I wonder in mesimerized awe and amazement how u tenderly care for a mere motal like me
Killing thousands,giving nations and heathen kings and hosts for me…
Beauty for ashes, oil of joy for mourning
I stand amazed in your most holy presence
I spill from my heart…worship and blissful admiration…
I give you all as i have and lay yielded and broken
Contrite and humble, meek and sincere…
For i need you always…now and ever.



Life is deeper, faster and quicker on the broader lane
yes wider freely swiftly we move
on this easier and smother passing phase
But each moment spent or given,forever gone
like the zephyr. ..a blowing wind
we fade daily to blissful eternity or damination!!!
Indeed truely,mortality  becomes immortality
but will eternity be paradise or hades
only the narrow,a lane without sorrows
thought to be lonely ’cause fewer are it’s users
leads to beautiful eternity,sure and soon to come…

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Beautiful night


Drenched in liquid melodies…poisoned from bleached hopes…broken seconds, shattered minutes, scattered hours…lost thoughts…grieving dreams…dead seas and black skies…
Behind the bars…steel rods and mortar finishes of churched ideas…driven into skulls from lads to adult fools
It is just another introspect,an overview of purpose; a verifying of truths and lies..told and untold
I want you so badly like how the days need the sun and moon…
I need you so dearly and quickly…
Come swiftly to me…ease my pain not in death but life…
I try to take your hand but i can not feel yours…
I can not the feel the holes in them…
So swiftly come if you get my note to you…
I want nothing but eternity…now and forever…
Because in your embrace i find sweet peace…
A deep affection of you….scarely leaves me…i want you…totally and wholly again…
I will seat where your host will encamp, i will wait just beneath the your shade…and lampstand and shine…until you burn your light into me…i will wait

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I see you again…

this afternoon, right beside me, no sunshine but distant car screeching,honks, wailing baby, barking dog, grinding metals, all at once beneath the blowing winds that move the trees across my window

My thoughts became vivid images as I read the news, recalled  events and pondered deeply, almost about every thing all at once

This time I see my wretchedness in the contrast of your persistent love, your kindest mercy, because     I knew deep within I was no better than those I read about, in pain and death, some in eternal grief, limited choices and broken spirit

It leaves me to wonder how much worth I really am?

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far sides of the earth, when I run into the depth of hell, 

your there…when i awake from sleep…
Day by day, all was written in your word before ever i came to be
Full of wonder…fearfully made
You’re there always with me…you yes you
Only you…so close i can feel the very scent of your touch…the very breath of your nostrils…quenching the fires of my illicit wants
You alone shielding me from the fiery darts that thrust at me daily
You, forgiving thousands and cleansing nations and peoples
You who ride on the fermaments for my defense…ungrateful me
It is just you again at my trail as i sail yonder…

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