The percussion beats and xylophone sounded from the open market square
These sounds were sounds of mirth and joy
Every passerby’s delight became the afternoon scene
The women and children left their goods and moods, holding spoons,forks and knives
All pieces that could be clanged to resonate the beautiful piece of music
The palace drummers were present,the village music group came,
The maidens and young men also came at the hearing of the sounds that emerged from the people’s square of peace

They watched in awe,danced and whispered from the side, as the youngest and only prince of the king of peace ;
The bravest and most savored of the heirs of the Lord of Lords,
A king known of by all mighty men of valor
A king of all the kings of the east,west,north and south
They watched the Prince dance the royal dance alone on the arena of peace
He danced in style and smile
He danced clothed in gold to the king
He kissed the ring and scepter of the king
Whose presence could only be felt in the wind, fire and lightening

As the music played,this Prince danced for his king in gold shoes, diamonds and jewels
Then the king was moved and began to dance in a windy spiral around the prince
And his proclamations were of two words
The prince is now king and gold!
It was the 25th day of the 5th month of the year, a day when the people rejoiced !



Beautiful Faces in Broken Mirrors


Beauty on the eyes of the beheld,

Pretty heart tied by flowery laces of diligence, a virtue found in a friend

Dearer than the rainbow glow

Leaving the world to wonder in ceaseless muse

Waiting for listeners, all to dance to her plead for warmth

To make the world a better place by her hands of care to cure


Beautiful faces in broken mirrors

Sights like the pyramids of Egypt,

Seas like the red and dead

Broken reeds and shattered dreams as of the dying sick young of my Africa

The pain is gross, the hopes thin

Visions unclear like the sight of an aged man in the dark


These reflections are like broken images

On a broken mirror

The beauty and art of pain on sad faces

A world on your street and mine

Where death lingers because love is dead and gone

A dying child, a sick lover, a crying woman

A culture vain and evil, deep seated disregard for humanity

Paintings and carvings of indelible marks of eternal grudges


Beautiful faces of a broken mirror

Nothing of splendour to face and behold

Because the days of mirth have gone

Starvation and tribulations

No conservation or preservation of lives

Young and old, beaten and broken

Rainbows discoloured and darkened


These are the pictures that beautify

A land that flowed once with milk and honey

A green land of copious vegetation

A land of black gold and white gold

These are broken pieces of her image

A sculpture dented and disfigured


We can put the pieces together

We can paint a beauty and renew her vigour

We can plant again, we can build again

As we fix the mirrors, the reflections we see

We can start with us, we can make anew

We can if we believe, fix the broken pieces


Thoughts of peace and life

Words of love and peace

Acts of love and care

For you and I today


image credit- Google images