This time I won’t take for granted the bright morning sunshine born out of a lengthy dark night… From the very fangs and claws of the night’s dragon, a faceless fierce-some beast eating deep into thoughts that death might come upon suddenly!

However awaking to a ray of hope locked in the sunshine that beamed across my little corner of Africa, on my bed of straw and hay… I am in awe or better still mesmerized by the style you have presented for my rescue and timely respite!

I walked out as though to make a flight on life’s runway, yonder… Farther and even further beyond walls and mountains all mound-like today, just because you spoke in the still of the morning, in a breathy tweet ; “I love you son”

My frail heart, my soured soul, my bitter tongue, my ailing flesh, my untruthful self , my unreliable words, all of these… Yet you love me?

How could you persevere? How could you consider? How did you make this choice? I thought you were a might fire, a God, a true king, the maker, creator… I did think so…

But you said those words in the simplest of harmonic melody, the softest of tone and the truest of words… “I love you son”

Okay I agree, I believe, frankly ,I reckon you gave me a royal pardon but this becomes a burden, a task and worry all at once to stay on the good side of the book, to keep all ten, all ten !

Now I don’t know how to but should I go on to trust you have a plan ? Do I just walk tall and free father? Have I not stripes to receive ? Anyway you know best, I give that to you because I might have a clue how you made the choice, you must have seen my new heart, the new spirit you left in me, the renewed mind and resilient love… Although I made all these vows in the secret place where you yourself found me, led me… Oh oh I see it’s all been you here…

In the shadows, the winds, the storms, the rains, the rare winter and cheerful spring! You are just ubiquitous! So all over !

I am flushed, flabbergasted and altogether spellbound by you…I surrender, I would listen, please say it again lord, just once, serenade my senses, numb my weaknesses and cure my malady with those words again like you said this morning “I love you son”

Indeed I’ll fly on this runway to glories beyond worries, please steer me on !


NB-image sourced and edited from anonymous instagram post


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