Well I have been broken into many pieces 
Lost my way so dark along this path

My heart is aching longing for some respite 

Who will come here right now fix this but that’s left of me?

These nights are longer, days are shorter 

Life is bitter, sweeter days have faded 

I’m no longer willing to ponder but I wonder if there’s any hope left…

Need me some one who will come right now 

Fix this bit that’s left of me

How could my sorrows overwhelm ? How could my fears deepen and worsen ?

How does it seem no better every passing minute ?

Indeed I am broken, this time I need mending 

My spirit’s wounded;truly hurt and cut 

Smitten and bitten by the sting of liars

Haters and scoffers seated all around me

Now I am weary, I need me some rest from living 

Give me this longing; fire for my desire,

Keep me yearning craving and begging 

Save me and let me live forever 

Don’t take away from me what’ve promised, ever…

I am but a man, far away from home 

Treat me gently, chide me nicely but don’t leave in me on this ground because these graves are calling…

Please Keep me yours and truly 

Now and forever…


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