I am a voice of your boundless passionate worship holy Lord.

I dwell in and without the veil of your kindness and plentiful grace

I at your tender mercy’s breathe, a living soul within the haven of your heavenly Pavilion

I run with hinds feet, I fly and glide on the winds of your fierce flames of love

I reign with you as King and priest, I speak prophecies by your word

I am yours and yours only

You are my maker, creator and king

You are all and I am nothing without you

You are life you are light you are love

You are you were and you will

Forever and ever until eternity, eternal and gracious father

I join the 24, I fall I surrender, I worship, I being 25 worship

I cast my crown, saying endlessly and breathlessly

Holy holy worthy worthy faithful faithful are you

We 24 and 1 worship in the synchrony and harmony of one spirit one purpose

We declare you king forever

25 humbly adores you!IMG_20160520_144706_edit.jpg