400 Miles

400mile pic

400 miles; a walk in path not an aisle 
Yeah Eyes can see; ears can hear 
Good tidings to fill their void

No retreats, no surrender!
A match forward only...
Like foot soldiers for the cross not just our cause 
We do a few to save some more; We do some more to save a few

400 lives, a walk in path to  ease their hurts 
You give some smiles to fix some lives 
To be saviors in a dieing world 
A world so wide yet so nigh, 
Not far at all but right across...

400 souls, we know we care!
We glide and fly, grease and grace 
Like angels to wanton souls 
A life of bliss, truly divine 
This we have but time is key!

Motivate, captivate , activate 
Make a soul...
vine makers and keepers
We Keep the vine not the wine 
For it's No meat and drink but great life and power 
through love and hope

400 miles,a walk in path; no length of some aisle 
Make a soul!

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Sending Angels…


I heard you last night, while you rolled from side to side on that narrow looking bed,

Yes i listened, i heard you sobs, thought i heard you call my name in the depth of your disquieted soul,

I saw your tears soil the sheets, when your vocals failed on the lyrics of my worship,

I did see through you heart clear as crystal glass…i did and i’m coming right through for you 

I know it”s feels like a long narrow tortuous road, i know the hurts and pains you’d have to bear, 

I know its a heavy load to carry, a really heavy burden to bear on this strait road…

feels like a high way to hell but i heard…

i’m sending angels to guide you home…

I’m sending you angels to keep you warm…

I’m sending Angels

Grace to grace

This time I’ll tell a little story about my recent, it’s been indecent as though I pissed off a regent in a grueling struggle to wriggle free from the unseen but felt tight fisted grip of pain, self-inspired and caused like a function of a curse on me. I lost my voice; my fingers were broken off the grip of my pen, my vision impaired and my skin wrinkled in instants less than I could tell.
Holes in my pocket, sourness in my mouth, yet to nurse my bleeding heart, bruises from friends turned foes overnight as well as retardation on my drive way to grace and faith. The rains felt like hail stones, like falling fired coals and my sun became darkened as though Revelation’s tribulations came to my window’s view, yet I kept a name that reminded me how gracious the watcher singled me out.
In all, offending nature, gods and earth, I passed through the valleys of death’s shadow, I saw hell’s gate with my very eyes alone without angels to wing me away to any place in my wish for paradise!
However, I saw mercy and compassion by the Watcher, a lover, a savior and forgiver. He came upon the wings of dawn in my disdain and depression, he touched my parched tongue and it felt like ice cubes in the desert on my skin.
If I make my bed in the deep, if I hide on the far sides of the earth, if I rise on the wings of dawn, if I settle amongst beasts and drown beneath the depths of the sea,
you there when I awake from sleep, you’re there when my tears ceaselessly flow, you’re my worship, you’re my song, my voice, my passion, my life and light!
‘’Day by day, you’ve ordained, written in your word before i came to be, full of wonder, fearfully made, you set my heart in motion before i came to be’’
You took me from the low green grasses to graces taller than the palms; wider and bigger than the cedars, I‘ll stay with you. I’ll wear patience as trinkets; I’ll be yours always and never deviate from thy light!

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