love Metaphor 

I have tasted the bitter, sweet and sour , sure tasted neither wrong or right but just as life felt exactly…
I miss the softness of your silk white sheets of blissful affection, kindness and warm passion

I have pricked and licked the sore openings of the leaved gates, so I also miss your sweet tender caress…

I have missed coffee moments where we sit in a single chair to share muses of truths and instructions, all these always felt better than living ordinary 

I know you are Spirit and I human, but how you choose to give sweet ecstasy to my mortality and worship to your divinity is beyond the justice my words could ever give…

It’s for this and many desires that I aspire to ascend beyond the limits of my self conjured clouds, to visit the highest firmaments where your most divine presence gives sweet eternal essence to my very soul!


400 Miles

400mile pic

400 miles; a walk in path not an aisle 
Yeah Eyes can see; ears can hear 
Good tidings to fill their void

No retreats, no surrender!
A match forward only...
Like foot soldiers for the cross not just our cause 
We do a few to save some more; We do some more to save a few

400 lives, a walk in path to  ease their hurts 
You give some smiles to fix some lives 
To be saviors in a dieing world 
A world so wide yet so nigh, 
Not far at all but right across...

400 souls, we know we care!
We glide and fly, grease and grace 
Like angels to wanton souls 
A life of bliss, truly divine 
This we have but time is key!

Motivate, captivate , activate 
Make a soul...
vine makers and keepers
We Keep the vine not the wine 
For it's No meat and drink but great life and power 
through love and hope

400 miles,a walk in path; no length of some aisle 
Make a soul!

Image credit- Google images

Time to go

it’s time to go on
it’s time to go on
it’s time to move on ,move ahead
on a pace in a race off these tracks
to a place with a grace
’cause i’m sure it’s over
no looking back
no turning back
my old ways,all over now

for mercy speaks,mercy calls ,mercy screams my name!
(chorus) style-rock vocals

yesterday was pain,last night was sour
yesterday was dark,yesterday was weak so dull and gloomy
today i go on,move on, to a place of love
gold streets bright lights, green mazes
so done now with yesterday
chorus 2ce
wipe your eyes,buckle your shoes
lace up,pace up, face up,chin up
spill no fear,grease your wheels
fly now,move on,grown on go on!

               chorus till fade