Black is not African; black is not Caucasian
Black is no race or colour
Black is not defeated; black is no peril
Black is a light in a dark place
Black is peace locked in despair
Black is not war but freedom just about to happen
Black is you, black is victory, black is joy in the pain black is more
Black is deliverance and perseverance
Black is simply beautiful and white all thesame
Black is your view, black is how you see and think
Black is change if your dare
Black is of Sharon not sheba
Black is the colour of love
Black is the shape of a woman
Black is the heart of a man
Black is the resentment of hate, death and grief
Black is a rose, a swan and a falcon
Black is gentle, delicate and pure
Black is black!

ElderJohn (BlackRose diaries)
Dedication: Blackswan,she’s inspired me to write about black, roses and utopian desires


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