Sometimes it’s less than being literary or poetic because the rhythm has no need for any sleek rendering. It’s as basic and superficial like water on your skin or the morning sunlight on your face, something you can easily read or feel or even touch.

Yes, I’ll proceed with no more ado, we are not our hair, eyes, skin, colour or clothes… we are simply our behaviour, our spirit, our joy and our pain altogther. This is the crux of the matter!We need to know who people are; that real beauty isn’t in how hour-glass shaped a woman looks or chiesled face a man is, not the muscles or smooth talks like honey droplets on a salivating tongue.

People are simply their personalities, their character, their choices, their tenets, there divinity and altogether their humanity. A man is his conscience and his sensitivity for others, This truly is his poise. How he thinks, what he says, why he acts and what he does altogether is that man, not the machismo figure of huge upper body and well marked ribs.

We on a daily basis, fail to see the man or woman in a human case… we make choices to settle or mingle as it were on the basis of how they sound, what we feel, the music and rhythm of their pace, the elegance and wildness that only the eyes can evaluate. This is the reason we miss it completly no matter how well we try, we need to see through the very lense that He sees people.

When our senses are alive to the intrinsic and innate person of those arround us, then we can love or perhaps hate truly. We must push the lines, cross the limits of our six senses to make decisions for others and on others.

This is simply a call to discernment without the necessary ascension to spiritism or fanaticism. It is a call to take a cursory look at people before we speak, judge or conclude that they are good or bad. A call to know why we fall in love or walk away!


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