• Words can only faintly describe how much of you i seek to drink tonight
  • Without a chalice or holy vesture to clad my frailty, I rest only on your most gracious mercy and love 
  • I’m sore wanton for your gentle touch, craving in desperation for your reach, I seek a moment like forever with you again
  • In wild bliss and unrestrained vigour, acrobatic and synchronic response to the melodies and sweet harmonies of your voice 
  • I stay yielded, longing for all of you, take and give me; make and have me now and here
  • Let your winged beings find me, carry me and lift me beyond the clouds into firmaments where only your most majestic glory abides
  • I insatiably  thirst for your blood and crave for a broken piece of you in holiest communion with you, a longing that stays continually with me, oh lover and friend divine.

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