They live amongst us,  even in brown-skin ; perhaps caramel and I promise I did see an angel…
Maybe just like bees, a sweetness that’s comes from the hidden honey hence your finest fragrance and irresistible chic elegance, 

Many colours make my rainbow after a rainfall of your presence and sweet essence, leaves me craving for the paranormal; a solitary that’s crowded by you; thoughts of you alone…

Words fail my cogitation to express how I crave twilight moments with you on sheets of white and passion stained linen, drunken with the red of wine and filled with carefree bliss…

My spirit cares and my soul will spare us these scarlet desires, but if wishes could be horses, we will ride these horse into oceans and forever after…

Because angels dwell amongst us and you give a proof of one.

Dedication : Bee


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