That place…

Where lovers go, where lovers meet and passion fills…That place where angels breed and spirits kneel, in that place where sensations transcend the limits of sweets taste or soft feelings, clear visions or human locomotion

That place where compassion becomes passion and charity fills, a place of complete givenness brokenness and yieldedness, no woundedness cowardice or shamefulness

To the strong beautiful arms of a lover so irresistible irrefutable undeniably amiable …To His arm revealed, once marred in visage, a necessity for your justification ,To His arms, a place where love is completely expressed, totally unrestrained and generously given!

Let me take you to that place where lovers go and hate no more that place where you are His  and He is yours, union so divine so pure so immortal let me take you, if you would kindly glide on my wings of words; words of life, written and smitten years ago on a wooden cross for you and I
I can take you, show you, guide you and lead you

If you let me take you to that place beyond mortality, complete eternity, void of inequities or lying vanities…Let’s go quickly and swiftly, now only, to that place where lovers go!


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