Peace Be Still! (For poetry in a Minute)

Crowded by these many thoughts, voices; yelling, groaning and screaming from the quiet of my very dark corners 

That place of aloneness, absolute sombre and tranquillity 
I hear the wailing mothers, the crying children and  gnashing  of teeth by the peoples…

In a world of growing genocide, suicide and homicides…

Blurred lines of distinction between the able and the cripple by the people, an endless void and in a hopeless world, desperately in need of mental emancipation!

But still, deep within, i find my peace and sweet serenity, just knowing that you’re right in the corner of my little boat!

Raging seas and vexing storms cannot take my faith now, because at this crossing, I’ll just steer right; right at the corner of my little boat, right where you lay asleep in perfect peace and solemn presence!

While i listen to you say as always, “peace be still!”

Peace be still within your walls, within your house, in your pain, in your shame, on everyside…

Peace be still!!!


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