Sweet taboo

Sourced from flimsy bliss and a battered heart…Subtle dogmas that have now  quenched our fierce fires of sincere love 

Leaving scars where tattoos now cover; your lies are true and your truths are lies!

Hurts become routine, pain a bind for harmony, shame an appellation for honour 

Indeed passion and emotions do end too swiftly like transient winter chills on our cold harmattan mornings…

Anger is eclipsed by these darkened thoughts; assumptions made from inception, now  conclusions that are indelible, scribbled from crippled thoughts to follow through until happy endings are served!

This is bitter-sweet but as beautiful melodies, life does fade away to quiet rounding ending tones…

Today, I find the courage to leave posterity a message, like the preacher, I did give heed to lying vanities and casualties, I see clearly now, that life’s hues are easier; simply defined in a polar spectrum of  black and white!


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