Letter to the people 

Dear people of  our Greenland,

Our Greenland of yesteryears; a black land of today, so inflammable and at the very verge of a ravaging conflagration, one that only mental emancipation and liberation can salvage!

I write with the deepest sense of contrition but only of passive guilt. A guilt that now weighs on my broken tender heart because In these many years within which we have been fettered by the chains of ignorance; begotten from the repercussions of that imprecation that was placed, which we also have sustained via  inherittance and do still faithfully present to posterity, we daily exemplify lucifers intent and desires of bondage in perpetuity.

As though spellbound and locked away in a dungeon, tortured by fire and sword, we have slaved to ideas that this melanin is indeed the bane of our misfit; the source of sustained misfortune. Perhaps we may, awake from this deathly slumber. It indeed became for us a Black or white definition, definition of ideas, pepetration and conspiration of inquiries, unabashed at gruesome outcomes; separating mother from daughters, father from sons and most prominently husbands from wives. 

In this city called Greenland, by the Western coast of subsaharan tropics, green became black, viscous and poisonous! she then drifted a little upwards but dwelt safely and  finally into the Rocky lands. This became the epidemic of a people, a people who lost their greenery to the darkness of the black fluid.

Over the years hate have festered pain and rebellion, years of broken promises, shattered homes and dreams… the void widened as death and starvation became allies in a world of plenty but nothing. However, having heard the sounds legends now turning ancestors, we know liberation comes with mental emancipation. We know that we must steer a right this ship of feeble hope towards the shores of change and revolution, one sustainable only by the awakening of the people to the possibilities of a greener future.

The people must fight the good fight and win the good fight by leading sincere causes to put knowledge and value for love, life and family  above transient comforts derived from evils dealt to fellow greenlanders. The people must now awake to change for life beyond the coloured perceptions that prevail in the eyes of other people. We must change the motives that drive our efforts, amend our ways and loose the obsession for the black fluid. 

This is the first call to the people for changes that only the people can begin themselves .



nb:image sourced via Google images.


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