Shades Of Grace

She sheds her skin for light to glow according to seasons●She changes her colours to give her subtle camouflage●She shines bright like diamonds in skies●She grows new roots and fruits to keep afloat and alive●She makes a living at the highest of mounts and invents new wings to renew her vigour●She runs and pants most swiftly and quickly for the waterbrook●She roars and keeps in order the bother in the woods.She walks like and Angel, sways like a goddess and wades like a swan●She drinks new wine to purge the old and purify●She writes new songs, birthing new melodies and sweet harmonies

All these and much more do not compare to the beauty of your matchless grace■Your abundant love and overwhelming grace does save  me daily■Your grace leaves me in the wildest amazement and finest amusement as devil’s flee in thousand ways■Your grace has found me just as i am, brought me closer than I ever could be■Your grace; boundless and endless, manifests in shades of beautiful hues■Your grace leaves me to ponder and wonder, linger and longer ■I love this beautiful hues of grace; your  grace gives good ease to my heart



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