Drink within …

Seated just inches away…perfect ambience and smiles.spell bound in the most eerie moment, in wild awe of a stunningly beautiful pitch…I battled for recovery upon discovery how instantly deeply i felt just as i audited my sudden loss of composure,oblivious of how much i had slipped and spilled in the shortest moment; broken edges and spelt out desires…As conversations burned on like wood in a charcoal furnace.I recalled I was given to another..and but for a certain greater, I could have lost the oath to transient eases and momentary bliss… but deep within peace and pure motive prevailed. friendship became foremost as secrets unveiled. skins deceive even more than book covers. I look at Spanish guitars; all I see is music and beauty but the sting as you caress her strings remind me that every beauty has pain within her walls. it’s a question of what pain do we please and plead…truthfully life is saner all alone even more when beauty is without the walls of desire.


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