Crawling stealthily in tortuous circles behind that enemy line; Mines across hidden paces, carefully disguised for nasty and hasty feet for wanton desires.

Yes; longing wrongly, thirsty in feisty craze as of David’s desire for philistine waters…

But largely and unfairly, blood is spilt to give me vain pleasures for momentary bliss, a jeopardy of love and given promises… only this nagging insatiable crave is more than vampiric… it spans within carnivorous  lust for amorous patronage.

Your body on my body becomes a unity of one course and purpose on these blood stained sheets of soldier passion, a battle for hearts and jolly souls… won in heated passion for scarlet visions like of dreams dreamt in the twighlight of vernice!

Endless banter with soft  and hard words ,building patriotic emotions, vile notions in process, literally crossing enemy territories, a defiance of life’s sanity and pristine sanctity 
Temitope diaries  


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