Thirty3 and free

Within, In a transfixed stare at the flames in this  fire place; Maybe  probing  the ashes from lost wood, no cold just hot enough…

As though Bending the rules of engagement, I find my minds desire race for the pages of recent history, it’s been just a few months from October 5, 2016! 

And now two days away from the mark, no finishing, no completion… I  am groping in a certain kinda dark as I take a morning walk along the threshing, yes it’s no gnashing but I feel a bashing as though time had been again unfriendly to have so swiftly come…

Surely in introspection I find some satisfaction that I was done with cleaning the sheets or making sour pap for papa…

However I feel so cold and unguided, so alone in this quagmire of cyclic inhibitions… I’ld make to open my heart and mouth to say a word of gratitude or thanksgiving but in uncontrolled outburst I did feel a rush of warm tears flush my hairy face…

Again if you are reading my scribbles, this is the much sense I could give to my feeling, perhaps a mixture of hot and cold shivers, same feeling after a sweet moment of grave and deprave pleasure

Nonetheless I am 33 paces away from 120, I found freedom just about the 9th pace and now to think all you left me was this… I altogether miss you even more because you have given all… All to make the race and keep the bond!

The thing is,within I find picture memories of you trying to disintegrate but everytime I flip through the marked pages of the holy scrolls you left me… I easily see a new picture… You left me clues in specific hues for every puzzle and hurdle…

I could not be more grateful! Now I am 33paces in on the green mile, I feel free, amidst this pain of loneliness,but still hopeful I do better than 72paces 

The Truth is, you have given me all and I am grateful you did, except that I would give the world for a chance to sit a while with you and hold your Creasy palm, to learn how to maybe, manage the rules of freedom better than I have 

I promise I would keep the vows and hold the nations you birth, together until each learns to be truly free!

You know who…


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