ms Alex (part1)

  • A cocktail got us gathered here
  • As boredom crept in on me 
  • You walked in like an angel with a Gospel
  • You swept me off my cold feet
  • You fed my desires with hope
  • Years walked by, now I reckon they flew past 
  • Like bedtime stories or lullabies 
  • Until a time came by that fate rang her bell again
  • Now in a mix of frail bliss and transient passion 
  • Choices giving way to sincere affections 
  • It’s no easy decision to act or be passive 
  • It’s a weird bind, like the taste of a soured salmon
  • Yet with a sweet sting as of honey in limejuce 
  • This story may not have an ending after all…
  • Simply because having sad or happy endings should not be gambled
  • Maybe we keep flipping the pages of our lives 
  • Forever, no loss no gain!

Elderjohn (in memory of a 🐸 prince and sad little princess)


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