Where are you ?

I looked across the wild lands, where the trees have no restraints but meet the clouds as though making  to pierce thier skies and find heaven above

I ran miles, stretches of patched arid lands, seeking Oasis  where bones gather beneath dark skies, so thick and deathly with stillness like of carverns or deserted caves

I dug up the graves of holy men, desecrated temples and sought out these holy Grail; ancient scrolls and chalice, but these counsels were set to nought 

I climbed to the  mountain gods, sought audience with a seven-eyed being, one acclaimed to have the giftings, a descendant of odin, given to foretell or see the now, he wept and gnashed because he had lost his 7th vision, one required to give true  insight and respite to my deepest desire

But in the feebleness and brokenness of my body and soul, in the meekness of spirit, and quietness of my thoughts, that which I sought…

In this stillness, He whom my entirity craved, that fullness of intimacy with supremacy, spoke so gently and softly…

His words quenched the wild thirst and desires I nursed, like a droplet, so cold and sweet… He spoke 

He called my name from deep within my very walls, my reins quaked , my veins froze and the beats ceased! 

He knew my pain and took my shame… All at once like hyssop cleansing my raiment in one deep into His love…

The voice of many waters, gave understanding to purpose and destiny all again…

I found him just within my soul!

Image- sourced from Google


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