“Them Popo Men”

Decadent and indigent , indignantly defying the green-white serenity and equity, an aberration of high scale on the highway more prominent and convinient than the Broadway success stories …

They  defiantly blare their shrill and ear deafening siren, desecrating  the peaceful ambience of our land, a gross miss conduct of magnanimous scale, a show of endermic and entrenched incompetence , totally cancerous flaunting cantankerously their unfounded defense of our green-white laws!

 It’s a malady without cure, a madness without respite indeed a curse without remedy! How they invade our lively Hood and evade the judgement against mis behaviour… Killing unjustly, looting and bullying the masses, aware or unaware, we lead a degenerate system of “security” while we assail without restrain an explosive calamity in the most obvious pursuit though latent to simpletons or our coward leaders !

We call only for sincere Patriots to emerge and fix the odds, take the black vests, wear the camoflage and wield the guns! It’s is an appeal for an agressive restoration of sanity to a clearly insane society!

Give the people a voice, a name and identity not anonymity! When the nation knows her own, counts her kind and keeps her word, then only can micreants leave the streets, then only can vain minds meet thier end…

Hope is frail, too swiftly adrift like a little boat in a raging sea… But change is nigh most surely as the dawn of a new day!


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