The next time…

You walk pass a lame fella, limping and most probably without limbs to eat even if a meal of smoked lamb was offered him, reach out with a fifty and give a cheerful smile, leaving him to ponder, beyond the coin you dropped in his calabash, about why you love him though he hitherto deemed himself unworthy…

Or You hear a crying child and you see a starving human or beast, give your widows mite, most cheerfully and gratefully once again…

That very next time you do a dance on you feet, clutch your pillows or steering wheels  with able arms and hands, say a word of gratitude to the creator, let him know you do feel no better than those who can not…

The next time you see the sunrise and feel warmth of the wind in such a fierce gusto rustling dry autumn leaves, bless Him from your heart and make a pledge to guide the blind and care for the leprose…

The next time you read my piece bless the maker because He most certainly did avail me the previledge to share a though!


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