Deep within …

I know it’s you

‘Cause I feel it’s you

I sense it’s you

Deep within

I long for you, crave for and reach for you

Deep within 

I give to you, I take from you and break for you

Again I know it’s you 

‘Cause all of me yearns for you; pants for you and cries for you

‘Cause you are simply my addiction, an indication that i’m in no contradiction, no violations  just implications that no explanation can justify!

You are my every breathe!

You are my very life, my source and absolute supply

In the deepest of pain, in the narrowest choices , in the steepest moments, in the darkest of places…You reach for me in the highest of ways, in the broadest of graces, in the brightest of glory… You reach for me so swiftly and quickly…

Not as men see but in such apt and prompt rescues that only Divinity offers…

Deep within I hunger for all of you, a totality of Divinity, a fraternity for eternity in a community of deities, I long for you as the deer pants for the waters, as the young woman desires her own, I simply need you beyond the colours of flowery poetry!

Deep within a spot in me needs you now, please come swiftly and wildly, posses me, fill me to an overflow, satiate me, leave me stuporized of you…

Touch me, hold me, renew me, transform me, cleanse me, break me and mould me…

Bend me, grind me, mend me

Fix me…I need just a pill to quench my thirst right now!

Edited Image sourced from Google images.


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