On this other side i lost the pen too quickly to worries, no inquiries to probe my wasted thoughts

I gave in to patches from  intoxicants in old wine skins!

I swore it was going to make better sound and sweet taste, i did the mix, new wine in old skins, but got drunken with fury and boundless pain

i could not breathe in this vacuum, i was breathless, asphyxiating in cold winds, winds drifting me yonder and further unto this dark other side…

Maybe a quick  swim, briskly and stealthily done, to the light other side…

I sure have spent half my years in cycles, chains unbroken, held bound within to my own abilities…

yet the story doesn’t not end thus… its a happy after ending, when these scales fell off my minds eye, i rebuffed and refuted without certain terms the overwhelming ignorance that ravaged my understanding… 

I took flight at the slightest wind of freedom, to places that afore existed in my dreams place…

now on this side, i found my pen, scribing only of victories !

NB-image sourced online via instagram


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