Painting my Jesus story

It’s my longest  journey from wayback through youth until now…Like a voyage through countries, desserts and oceans, in search of clarity at heart and singleness of thought, seeking purpose in the wrong depths

Gropping and gripping, grabbing and grubbing all at once but nothing to make or show for it…until I felt your breathe , your touch, your voice leading and guiding me until now…

Now I see that the need to judge is vanity and that men are men but gods are gods, like a place of order and sanity, void of Insanity, vanity,iniquity but of equity and sancity…

A place to desire, crave and want, want nothing more except for the raging  ravaging  loud and  greedy toned prevailing lust of my flesh…

But I give it all up, because now I want to be weak, so weak that I need nothing else but you…Too weak to follow through with my bike passions, so given and yielded to your prompts and gentle cautions, so deaf to loud voices but alert to the stillness that characterize yours…

On this journey, I surrender every thought and wisdom I may have hitherto relied on, numb my feelings and vile desires, quench my thirst and fill my reins…I just want an overdose of you again…

Nb-Image sourced via Gionee themes


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