Incantations are the language of deities, speeches by gods and the most sonorous  rumblings of immortals!

I woke yesterday from the web of a prevailing delusion, I  discovered the beauty in everyplace , in odds and evens , in valleys and hills, I found a rythym in all of these contrasts, a latent harmony and melody!

By the chants of victory songs, battles won are declared, Victor’s are asserted!

It is by the stillness o f life’s  stream that we know the place of its destination; in the heat of life’s furnace , beautiful hearts are forged…

Thankfully, Papa thought me to make men not money; serve God not Mammon…

However as we live daily, like  that uncertainty of the life of the fragile  butterfly perhaps  in the clenched fists of a diviner, so also uncertain is the twist of destiny, swinging left or right, a pendulum of choices …

Indeed the way of spirits need prevail, the words of mere men fall to the ground but sounds of victory emerge from the lips  of Victors! 

Victors birth from the rubles of shame and hurts; conquerors made from the dividends of patience, long-suffering and the purest nature of charity…

In my deepest heart, from a black and white conscience, I share my hope with you…I have seen pain become joy, hope become faith and death become life!

However again, I have seen truth remain as truth, I have seen no shame in hope, over and over again, hope; that posture of expectation born from understanding that time and chance happens always towards all.

In my cogitations, my heart vents from a depth of realization, embedded in simple words of admonition…

The summary being that we speak as gods, chant like Victors, run like horses, fly like eagles, roar as lions in hope against hope!


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