Give me you!

I write only of things eternal…bearing weights that mere mortals would decline…my spirit craves the meal of wisdom, food that nourish deities.

I have come again to my wits demise and an end that looks formless  without bounds…yet an enmity: an end of my humanity and capacity…I admit frailty, I eschew reproach, disdainfully I relinquish pleasure due my yearning flesh and crying heart…

In all these things I only want to stand unashamed before you, but like a dog I am slaved, enslaved by lascivious dogmas pervading the vicinities of my sport. I need break off these colts and chains…

All I want is you, absolutely you! In my reins, my veins; no vain obsessions, just you in all of me again. Until am satiated and  over satisfied, perhaps a stuporous overdose o f your love!

I crave an overdose, an overflow of you…I want to be stuporized by the depth of your knowledge, a wisdom that exceeds the limits of human and carnal wits, I need you desperately…Take and make me over


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