I imagine 

if He was mortal and human with regard for discord …

if He was so unrepentantly angry…

If He did not die 

If He had not opened the scrolls 

If He was not crucified or born at all

If His mercy was not  tender or truth enduring generations 

If He gave broken promises 

I imagine 

If He cut my hands and feet off that so easily haste to evil

If He was not disinclined to my  sinful machinations 

If He did not give up nations for me

If He was not mindful of me or you 

If He took the sun and moon away 

I imagine 

If the mornings failed to come or the firmaments fell upon us

If He did not discomfit Egypt or bind Ethiopia 

If He did not raise Cyrus or save jairus 

If He was not king over all 

If He was not lord eternal 

I imagine 

If He was me 

If He let my unfaithfulness get to him 

If He did nor preserve me

If He did not ignore my frailty 

I imagine ….


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