Let me tell you a story that’s never been more true. Right across you over the fences, some place stinky and smelly, next to graves, your neighborhood…graves that keep taking in souls of brothers and sisters all over…just right next to you…

Just a few paces away,ill, sick and dying…begging to be free,maybe for a coin or two…yet by the same aisle and pedestrian path;we walk daily in the discontented poise we mince and bounce along this ingratitude yet in priced apparels and shameless banter …amongst ourselves, giving excuses for neglecting the derelict…

Amidst this unappealing scenerio, there’s a clarion call to play hero, maybe manifest as the chosen; choiced and selected for good works such as true religion …however limited in a stretch to the masses it spreads, yet pleasing, if just to only a few wretched hands; parched and scarred from relentless tillage of unyielding grounds… There is the king’s business to feed them and give a smile in process… It’s pretty urgent now because this is a dark tunnel and souls are fainting in human casings 

In this tunnel we need our lights…we need  yours & we need mine…we need lights to beam beyond the now…to glow in the dark and end the groping …we need the you and I to brighten this path!


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