Mico (short stories)

She was just the tea girl at the café across the street…never happy nor smiling. She wore the grimiest face and made no more talk than the customer order routine speech until one day she saw the rainbow in distressed blue jeans and peach colored Tees …she felt a shiver as he walked briskly across the street towards the café in the most elegant smile…then instantly it seemed to drizzle, her clouds gathered and some lightening struck her awe struck demeanour…he had spoken just two sentences to her ; ”hi sweets, can I please have a cup of your sweet coffee?” 

“And erm…if I may, your name because you look like you need a cup of me…” 

Mico had never been told or called anything sweet…the very last time she heard sweets was at her mom’s death bed after surviving a ghastly car accident for just a few days…mico needed to hear that life was simply possible even in the darkest of places…

He’s name was Jin! Jin wore the bravest of smile in elegance and affection because he had so much to give of love…he had smiled because he wanted the coffee without pay …he got the coffee but had paid unknowingly in a much grander way…

Give mico a Jin today!


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