…By the fire place

Where I sit tonight ,wrapped around me are your wings of infallible assurances that if I could but wait a lil’longer, maybe linger ,your finger like Harry’s wand might bring the morning closer…

Here I am, still like the waters of a peaceful lake yet cold as ice, beyond this warmth this fires bring…numbed by the cyclic trip, erring daily by the loss to thoughts that try to control me…given to pain and hurt, I feel too broken to wait on the dawn of a new day!

However I feel the fire,i am kept alive by the breeze from the north city, she’s kept me here in resilient hope…telling persistently and consistently to thrive; stay broken and needful of your touch…but I am so cold without and within, burning with intense and heated desires for lascivious inclines…

Can I wait just a lil’longer tonight? But i hear the criers, decrees by the night watchers, day keepers and moon maker…they call out to me from the wide and wild distant woods…lit only milion miles away by the flickers from a full moon’s glow…

My heart aches, longing for more, craving and seeking, thirsty for you only…like the hind pants for the waterbrooks…leaping away from parched places to watered valleys…so also I desire you…

Nigh this place of stones, I sit to watch the coals burn the flame of hope, purify my depth and soul, cleanse my reins and make me whole! I need you through this night again…as always making promises to steer aright but breaking vows like falling vases and Cases…

Now hold my hands; still my storms and calm my fears…I will wait by these fires …


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