Raging spirit….(Mona Kitty series)

The truth in trying to take dominion over one that refuses to submit

That level of disgust, my spirit resents the pleasure of my flesh

What distinction lies between the Spirit and the flesh?

Though together yet they are always at war about everything even life.

As the flesh is to die and the Spirit is to live.

This body of mine goes astray and my Spirit is made prisoner.

Behind the walls of the flesh, 

A king made captive and lost its throne to lust.

In whisper they share and argue, as slave and master.

What wondering thought causes this illusion?

But the desires of the flesh are no doubt misleading and endless

Daring to do that which has never been done


Admitting that you are lost is a way forward

This is the cross road where you find your way back

Like a child running free in the midst of a multitude

The point of grey denial where the truth is forbidden 

Yet the lie hurts more, speaking of the unknown

The facades of unquenched fear

Broken pieces of illuminated whisper

A wish that it would have been kept secret and not been told

Eavesdropping constantly yielding denial

A bountiful harvest of mistrust and praise

Yet it is not corrected

Rejection sets in as the truth is revealed. 

A craving for pain rather than to exfoliate it

Illuminated picture of destruction is displayed in array

The lights fade gradually and losing your path is guaranteed 

The dull sheets to cover didn’t help either

This is a heart check, not with the usual doctor’s appointment

No more tears, not because the tear glands ain’t working

But because its finished and none left to pour.

Sleep where art thou? It’s been stolen.

Set loose the watch guard called conscience

It seems it has lost its position to betrayal

The mocking laughter of guilt is loud as grieve take its toil

Mischief calls but truth is far from reach.

Delusional is the report brought to the war front of acceptance

Even the heart looses it beat to every passing second

The hour glass is set in place and the countdown begins.

The light fades gradually and darkness rejoices

Daylight is decades away from the present

A sign of hope arises 

A decision to keep beating till at last help comes.

The right to let go or hold or to hold on

With every time taken to stay alive and take back revenge

Light beckons and life responds

It was no mistake that it was kept in the dark

Collision of the highest secrets

I’ve been lost even in the words that I have spoken.

I plead my cause to eviction as I may hurt even myself

Do not judge me just yet.

Walk with me and see the path I walked in

See through my eyes and let me know if I’m guilty

My misdeed was searching for love in the gallows of hate,

To compensate the wrong that has been done to me.

Forgiveness has a grip on me

I stake my life to it that it cannot be easily forgotten 


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